Specialized Skills

Languages spoken: English (Native), Spanish (Fluent), Portuguese (Functional)

Strong management and leadership experience in a mulitcultural, international context

Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills with both domestic and international audiences

International relations and networking

Cross cultural communication, negotiation and conflict resolution

Extensive experience with international travel logistics, characterized by close attention to detail

Advanced computer, web, social media and technological experience

Experience in international partnerships, project management and high-end sales focusing on Latin America and Asia:

  • Target, pursue and establish working relationships with important partners
  • Regularly conduct hour-long presentations in Portuguese, Spanish and English to large and small audiences of potential partners and clients with strong success rate
  • Plan, coordinate and execute complex multi-city itineraries
  • Negotiate partnership programs with German, Chinese and Korean institutions, both public and private
  • Net gains: in excess of $1,000,000 of new revenue per year


Specialist in organizing and conducting complex group tours, both domestic and international:

  • Germany (2014 & 2015): Co-Direct travel and multi-city tours of Germany and United States for high school students from Germany and United States (17 days each in US and Germany)
  • Spain and Portugal (2010): Plan and direct multi-city tour of Spain and Portugal (10 days)
  • United States (2009): Plan and direct multi-city tour of regional universities for 60 high school students (5 days)
  • Mexico (2005): Co-Direct travel, tours and regional soccer tournaments for teams of 15 high school students from Mexico and United States (7 days each in US and Mexico)


Wide-ranging experience living and studying overseas:

  • Coleraine, Northern Ireland (2001-02): Completion of BA, via Binghamton University
  • Oviedo, Spain (1999-2000): University of Oviedo, Spanish language and culture program, Study Abroad with Binghamton University
  • Amman, Jordan (1997-98): College of Islamic Sciences, Arabic language and culture program

Please click here to view and download my resume:

David C Hopkins Resume

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