About Me

Hi, I’m David.

I am passionate about the role that education can play in broadening horizons, connecting cultures and empowering individuals and communities. My extensive experience living and studying abroad has profoundly shaped who I am, and I’m committed to creating these same opportunities for students today. To that end I’ve been working in private education for the last 15 years – first as a Spanish teacher, later as a Department Chair, and now currently as the Director of International Admission and Programming at an elite international boarding school.

As Director of International Admission, I enjoy the challenge of selling and supporting a high end product globally. Developing and implementing successful strategies for global student recruitment is an exciting opportunity and an engaging charge. In doing this I spend my time cultivating relationships, meeting with potential clients and closing deals everywhere from sweaty Jiu Jitsu academies in the backstreets of Brasilia to nouveau riche tea houses in Shenzhen. I successfully manage people as well as large budgets, and I communicate easily and effectively with my domestic team as well as my international partners around the world.

As Director of International Programming, I’m busy keeping clients happy by managing SEVIS records, hosting German consultants, navigating Nigerian foreign currency restrictions, getting our new Rwandan student a heavy-enough coat for winter, and making sure all the details are set for my presentation in Oaxaca next month, just to offer a few examples. I am continuously working to create partnership programs with institutions around the world. I specialize in cross cultural communication, and I’m really good at negotiation and conflict resolution. I speak three languages and use them all regularly for business and pleasure.

As you can see I travel a great deal internationally, and logistics, scheduling and cultural competency are a few of my strengths. I have strong personal and professional networks in Brazil, Mexico, China, and Korea. I pride myself on my integrity and genuineness, which I find translates easily across cultures and fosters an authentic sincerity and trust in my professional relationships.

In short, I span borders and bridge cultures every day and I love doing it.

Please click here to view and download my resume:

David C Hopkins Resume



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